Bilingual toddler group for babies from 6th of september

The new Bilingual playgroup for babies (from 4 months) gives your child a wonderful opportunity to listen to both English
and German while moving, rolling, crawling and playing together with other babies. In the meantime,
you have the chance to enlarge your German “baby vocabulary”, to learn songs and rhymes in German,
but also to share your mama experiences with other mamas in English and/or German.
Here your babies will enjoy wonderful sensory and motoric games and activities, corresponding to their
age and promoting their development. They will have enough space to experiment with movement and
different toys. We sing and recite to them, so they can get a sense of both languages.
In the first few months of their lives, babies’ years (and brain!) are open to all sounds and languages.
The early exposure to more than one language has numeral benefits for both the child and its’ family
(for example, see bilingual/).

Between moms, we translate and discuss vocabulary, but we also talk about bringing up bilingual
children, about how to shape a multilingual family, and we share our own experience as well.

Coordinator: Yana Häring (, M.Sc. Psychologie, Gesundheit- und Sportpsychologin, Trainerin, Mutter
Course starts: 06th of september 2017 always wednesdays from 10:15am – 11:15am.
Costs: 80 Euro for 8 x times (60min) during 9 weeks, continuing course 
Payment: directly in cash to the coordinator
Inscription: Kursstart ab 4 Teilnehmerinnen. Insgesamt haben wir 6 freie Plätze zu vergeben. Wir bitten Euch deshalb um eine verbindliche Anmeldung inkl. Telefonnummer per Email an oder telefonisch 0176/ 326 22 444. Sobald die Mindestteilnehmerzahl erreicht ist, erhaltet ihr eine Rückbestätigung per Email, SMS oder Whatsapp-Nachricht von uns.

Ausserdem bietet Yana bei uns noch folgende Kurse an: Baby Mama Gymnastic und TanzFitness für Mamas mit Baby und Babytrage. 

Getränke: erhaltet ihr im Himbeerfrosch.